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Personal Care
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Personal Care Website

Elementis Specialties produces a variety of rheological additives for the cosmetics and personal care industry that act as flow control agents, thickeners, stabilizers and suspending agents in a wide range of products including antiperspirants, nail enamels, mascaras, make-up, eye shadow, lipsticks, creams, lotions and suncare products. We also provide unique microfine zinc oxide for UV protection.

New in Suncare

Elementis Specialties continues to explore and expand the use of its BENTONE« Organoclays andáBENTONE GELS«áforásuncare applications. Recent studies have shown that BENTONE GELS« can enhance sunscreen SPF values and improve water resistance in sunscreen formulations.

For additional information and to obtain a copy of this study plus new suncare formulations, please contact us.

Personal Care Product Applications

Antiperspirant and Deodorant
Eye cosmetics
Hair care
Lip products
Make up
Nail polish
Pressed Powders
Skin care
Sun care

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